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Tired of joint pain, chronic inflammation, stress, and brain fog? Rheumission gets it, because we've been there as autoimmune patient-providers.
With Rheumission, we offer patient-centered, tailored treatments for Fibromyalgia, improving your pain, stress, sleep, gut health, and overall well-being.
Experience a synergistic approach to your care — from a team of providers working together for you. Your first rheumatology visit is for 1 hour, available without a long wait.

How does our patient-centric approach work? Here's what you can expect in your intro call:

Insight into how Rheumission can help you get your life back, using the best of integrative rheumatology and lifestyle medicine.
An overview of our app-based approach to coordinating appointments, labs, meds, and tracking progress.
A chance truly be heard and to understand how our multi-disciplinary team can holistically improve your health.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how we can help you embark on a personalized, co-created healing journey.

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Receive holistic, personalized care from a rheumatologist who's also an arthritis patient

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Ready to have your mojo back? Get more joy, less pain... and reach your health + life goals

If you struggle with any of these…

Stress & Anxiety
Feeling Exhausted & Tired
Poor Sleep & Insomnia
Pain or Chronic Inflammation
Brain Fog
Slowing Metabolism
Mood Swings

... we can help!

Our mission is remission. We help your body heal itself over the short- and long-term.

The Rheumission team wants to help you

Rheumission is a new, first-of-its-kind virtual, team-based integrative rheumatology practice developed by autoimmune patient-doctors.

In our telehealth clinic, you'll work with 5 health providers - a Board-Certified Integrative Rheumatologist, Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, Autoimmune Registered Dietitian, Autoimmune Psychologist, and Care Coordinator - who will each help you on your health journey toward remission.

If you want to see us but don't have these plans, please schedule time below to learn about our self-pay option.