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Who is Rheumission?

Rheumission is a virtual rheumatology practice where integrative rheumatology and lifestyle medicine come together in an empathetic, highly trained care team made up of a triple board certified lead rheumatologist, double board-certified lifestyle medicine doctor, autoimmune registered dietitian, autoimmune psychologist/therapist, and care coordinator -- plus an app to keep all your records and tracking in one place.

 This highly trained team will co-design a plan with you, listening to your life + health story, diagnosing and treating your condition, and helping you reach our shared goal of remission – so you can get back to being you.

Why choose Rheumission?

Based on a belief that the body’s own natural healing is the most powerful, our autoimmune patient-doctors spent years testing and improving a methodology to help people with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis find a balance between medication and lifestyle changes – including food as medicine, movement, stress management and sleep – and still reach remission.

After watching patients (including themselves) get poor results from the conventional medicine focus on medication as the sole treatment plan – and seeing the unwanted, negative side effects, longer-terms health risks, and high costs – the vision to bring the Rheumission methodology to as many people as possible, and improve as many lives as possible, was born. We want you to feel hope, love, joy, calm, support, and community from our practice and methods.

How often can I meet with the care team?

You can meet with your care team as much as you need in order to achieve your health goals. Most patients talk with their care team weekly or monthly via appointments and messaging, and receive responses within 1-2 days during weekdays. You can also schedule video visits with your care team as needed.

Can I still see my regular primary care doctor and/or current rheumatologist? If so, how does Rheumission work with them?

Yes, we can work with your existing doctors to help you achieve your health goals. If wanted, we will send a letter to your rheumatologist and primary care provider to introduce Rheumission and how we will partner with them to round out your care. We will share information with them about any medication changes and on your progress, so they are informed about your care. Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals, and working with your existing doctors and care teams will help you be successful.

If you are a current patient and want us to connect with your care team, please send us the contact information for your primary care provider via a message in the Rheumission app, and we can reach out to discuss your care.

Can you be my main rheumatologist?

Yes. We are a rheumatology care clinic, but without a physical office location. We can work with existing providers you currently work with, or we can handle your rheumatology needs while referring you to in person care or specialists, as needed.

What does a lifestyle medicine provider do? Or, what is lifestyle medicine?

A lifestyle medicine provider performs detailed assessments on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and substance dependence, while managing and minimizing medications. Lifestyle medicine can help to prevent condition progression and/or can help to decrease your risk for new autoimmune diseases.

For more information about lifestyle medicine as a field of medicine, please visit the American College of Lifestyle Medicine website.

Does a lifestyle medicine provider treat other conditions besides RA, AS and PsA?

Yes, we can help treat most chronic conditions you would expect from primary care, specifically high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and/or weight challenges. However, we do not take care of urgent care issues such as common colds or the stomach flu, nor do we manage cancer screening or vaccine schedules.

I booked my first appointment! What happens next?

After you schedule your first appointment, you will receive a SMS text with a link to download the Rheumission app. The Rheumission app is supported on both Android and iOS mobile platforms: iOS versions 12 and newer (iPhone 5s and newer) and Android OS versions 6.0 and newer. Click the link and choose a password. Once you set your password, you will stay signed into the app unless you log out or delete the app.

What if I forgot my Rheumission App password? 
Under the password section, click ‘Forgot Password’. Enter your username (the phone number you signed up with) where prompted. You will receive a reset link to your email within 30 minutes. Click the reset link and choose a new password.

Can I use my computer or tablet instead of my phone?
Yes! You can login to Rheumission on your computer as well. After finishing the enrollment and setting your password, you can click the link here and enter your username, phone number used to sign up and your password.

Rheumission is supported on the following internet browsers: Google Chrome, FireFox (Mozilla), Safari. Note: Rheumission is not supported on Internet Explorer.

It's time for my appointment. How do I join?

Login via the Rheumission app on your phone, or your desktop or tablet browser (Google Chrome, FireFox Mozilla, or Safari. Note: Rheumission is not supported on Internet Explorer).‍

Enter the phone number you signed up with (your username) and your password.

Go to the Appointments section of the app, and click ‘Join’ under the appropriate appointment.

What is the turnaround time for prescriptions and prescription refills? How do I purchase any supplements that you recommend?

For prescriptions that require a prior autorization (PA), turnaround time can depend on medication, sometimes taking as little as 2 weeks and on occasion can take a month or more. If you have not received an update within 2 weeks after the initial prescription, follow up with your care coordinator via Rheumission app. For prescriptions not requiring a PA, they should be faxed to your preferred pharmacy within 24-48 hours of your appointment.

For recommended supplements, you will receive an invitation to to create an account and access any supplements recommended by your provider.

How do I get my labs if this is a telehealth clinic?

We are a virtual rheumatology clinic and we can order labs just like your current providers. We will work with you to find the most convenient lab closest to you, and we will send all lab orders to the lab of your choice. The lab will ask you for your insurance information, and you will just pay your standard copay or coinsurance for labs.‍

All lab orders are discussed with you during your visit and will be sent electronically to Quest or LabCorp unless a different lab is requested. Please message you care coordinator for lab location if needed. If you are at the lab and they do not have your orders, please have them call our practice at 626-995-0118.

Your lab results can be viewed in the Rheumssion app, sent as a PDF file within your messages. We will also message you our clinical impression of your results. We will review all new lab results with you at your next visit.

Do I get anything that recaps or tells me what to do after my visit?

Yes! You will receive an after visit summary, which will be available in your messages as a PDF once the provider has signed the clinical note. Providers will send these through within 48 hours of your appointment, and you can always send a message with any questions about the notes.

Can I share my prior clinical information (lab results, reports, clinical summaries) with my Rheumission provider? 

Yes! Once you have a booked appointment and have downloaded the Rheumission app, please send your medical records and prior labwork to the appropriate provider through the messaging channel.

Select the ‘paperclip icon’ to add the file as an attachment and let them know what it is you are sending in the body of the message, then click the ‘arrow icon’ to send.

Have you wondered why you have painful joints and muscles but were told your labs are normal?

Consider seeing an integrative rheumatologist. Don't wait for another flare to get help. Rheumission can help you get  to a diagnosis and determine if you have or are at risk for autoimmune disease.

Have your doctors told you that there's nothing else you can do for your autoimmune disease?

We combine rheumatology with a lifestyle medicine behavioral change model that focuses on physical health, mental health, and medication management. This whole-person approach bridges the gaps in the healthcare experience, shaping better health outcomes with medications as needed.